Process and FAQ

The Zazzy Peacock Process

You've already made the first step by finding us! Next, please contact us to set up an initial free phone consultation, and we'll go from there. Based on your ideas, we will put together a few samples and/or sketches for your event and set up an in-person meeting. Depending on location and the scope of samples, there will be a small fee charged for this meeting, but payments will be credited toward any services ulttimately retained. After this in-person consultation, you will receive a written proposal and pricing quote for the scope of work for your event. Once we've come to an agreement, there will be plenty of opportunity for additonal meetings and finalizing all the little details. Nothing is more important than happy (or better yet, thrilled!) clients.


I have an event coming up. How do I get started?

           Contact us by email or call 301-633-4714.

How is Zazzy Peacock different?

          Our party decorations are all customized and skillfully hand-crafted from natural materials. (add link to eco-friendly page)  No plastic, styrofoam, or latex going to a landfill. All materials are upcycled and reused for other events, keeping costs down and waste to a minimum.

I love flowers but don't like the environmental impact and high cost of real blooms. And I think artificial flowers look fake and cheesy. How does Zazzy Peacock do alternative floral arrangements?

          Zazzy Peacock makes mixed media "flowers" that have all the wow factor of fresh flowers with none of the tackiness of fake ones. Our flowers are works of art made from combinations of felted wool, wire, clay, pine cones, feathers, and/or dried florals. Using a combination of needle felting and wet felting techniques, Jill Newman can make flowers that look like the rarest of real flowers or even more fantastical han anything that actually exists. If you want flowers (or butterflies or birds) in a color that doesn't exist in nature, we can make that happen!

I want to have real flowers for my bridal bouquets, but not for the centerpieces. Can we work with you?

          Of course! We understand that many of our clients may want to use real flowers in addition to our handcrafted decorations. We do not judge or restrict what else you do! We just want to help. We do ask that you not mix our flowers with real ones or place real flowers next to our centerpieces without discussing this in advance.

I like the idea of renting the centerpieces to avoid waste, but I would like a keepsake from our event. Could we buy one?

          Yes, one of the advantages of working with Zazzy Peacock is that you can purchase a centerpiece or bridal bouquet or other memento from amongst your rented decorations. And unlike the typical floral bouquet, your Zazzy Peacock keepsake will last. How many of us have tried to preserve our bridal bouquets only to watch them turn brown and crumble into dust. One of the best reasons to work with Zazzy Peacock is that you will love having a beautiful reminder of your big day to display in your home for many years to come.

I've never seen decorations like yours. What are they made of and where do you get your ideas from?

          Zazzy Peacock creations are mixed media works of art inspired by nature and imagination. Jill Newman's expertise is in the more labor intensive areas of felted wool and paper måche. Our flowers, birds, butterflies, dragons and more are made of needle felted and wet felted wool. Our paper måche creations include dragon eggs, tree of life sculptures, and tree truck vessels. Other materials include clay, glass beads, bamboo, feathers, wire, pine cones, acorn caps, manzanita branches, and a variety of dried seed pods. (No plastic or styrofoam.) Lotus pods and sugargum balls are naturally so beautiful and versatile!

I love your work, but will it fit my budget?

          Even though our centerpieces and other work is quite labor intensive and made from high quality materials, because we rent it out and reuse elements, we are able to keep costs competitive. And we have so many options that we can typically accommodate any budget and any size party. Contact us to discuss your budget and any other concerns you may have.

We need full-service event decor. What else do you do besides table centerpieces?

         Zazzy Peacock would love to provide all your event decor needs. In addition to centerpieces (which would include candles, fairy lights and other tablescape embellishments), we can provide bouquets, boutineers, party favors, bridal party jewelry, placecard alternatives, backdrops, and even installations. At the moment, we do not provide things such as table linens, place settings or invitations.

What are "placecard alternatives"?

          Instead of printed cardstock placecards, we can provide other means to communicate names and table numbers, including tags on handcrafted takeaways that double as party favors.

What kind of party favors can you provide?

        Zazzy Peacock has options for party favors that your guest will keep and treasure, rather than things that they will throw away-- including handcrafted napkins rings, sachets, mini succulent plants, candles in reusable tins, and felted soaps. These can have name and table number tags to double as placecards. And many will add flair to your tablescape as well.

More questions and answers coming!