About the Artist


Meet the owner of Zazzy Peacock Studios, Jill Newman. Here's her story in her own words:

Once upon a time, I was a lawyer, but I have always pursued artistic endeavors as well.  I officially quit my job to become an artist almost 20 years ago.  In 2011, when I discovered needle-felting, it was love at first poke.  After experimenting with the usual felted flowers and such, I decided to make things that I would actually wear -- modern, funky, colorful jewelry.  Many of my first designs were inspired by peacock feathers, animal prints, and other beautiful patterns and forms in nature.  And so, Zazzy Peacock Studios was born! For years, I enjoyed teaching  my love of needle felting and mixed media sculpture to my wonderful students, but unfortunately, the pandemic made meeting in person too difficult. I switched gears and worked as a kitchen and bath designer for the past two years, and although I loved it, I truly missed making colorful original creations with my own two hands. As I got back to creating again, I had an epiphany that I was born to help people celebrate their big life events with extraordinary handmade centerpieces, decorations, party favors, and gifts. I'm excited to launch this new webstie and Zazzy Peacock Event Decor.

My needle felted creations, needle felting kits and more are still available in my Etsy shop. And my video tutorials have all been moved from Vimeo to YouTube and are available for to all for free. Please subscribe to my Zazzy Peacock channel!

You can see more of my work in the Gallery, as well as my latest works in progress on my Facebook and Instragram pages. Please like and follow me, and join the mailing list below to get updates. Thanks for looking!

How do you know if you are a good fit for Zazzy Peacock Event Decor?

Ask yourself these questions. If you answer yes to one or more, then please reach out.  Jill and her Zazzy Peacock team would love to work with you!

Do you have a special event coming up -- a wedding or mitzvah, or maybe a baby shower, birthday, or anniversary -- and you want the celebration and the decor to reflect your personal values as well as you personal style?

Do you want to reduce the carbon footprint or environmental impact of your next party?

Do you have a vision for your party decor that would wow all your friends and family, but are concerned that fulfulling your vision would be exorbitantly expensive --or even if you're creative, too time-consuming --  to execute?

Are you looking for new creative ideas?

Are you just not that excited by the standard flowers and balloons? Or want to supplement them?

Maybe you're allergic to flowers? Or maybe the flowers you love are out of season or rare and would be especially expensive and taxing on the environment to ship around the world?